The Ocean and Coastal Policy Center (OCPC) was established in 1987. It is a research center under the Marine Science Institute. It remains the only interdisciplinary research center affiliated with the University of California that focuses on ocean and coastal policy issues and concerns.

The general goal of the OCPC is to investigate the nexus between science, organizations and ecosystems. Affiliates of the center often adopt an interdisciplinary approach (that combine economics, ecology, policy analysis, history, ethnography, and sociology) to examine the relationship between industrial society and marine and coastal systems of the Pacific Coast.

Center affiliates are conducting research on the meanings of marine ecosystem management and planning (with a focus on the National Marine Sanctuary Program), biodiversity conservation policymaking, ecological restoration, watershed planning and management, California offshore oil and gas activities, and bioregional or place-based activism.

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Developing Adaptive Policy to Climate Disturbance in Santa Barbara County

Retaining California's Coastal Agricultural Land Through Economic Incentives, Regulation, and Purchase

Changing California, From Wastesheds to Healthy Watersheds

Negotiating Ecology: The politics of marine ecosystem-based planning

The Utilization of Seawalls in Response of Shoreline Erosion

Making the Watershed Connection: A Profile of Watersheds, Wetlands and Regional Planning Efforts for the South Coast

Ecological Links and Ecosystem Relationships in the Southern California Bight

The Politics, Economics and Ecology of Decommissioning Offshore Oil Platforms

The California Watershed Movement:
Science and The Politics of Place

Tribal Marine Protected Areas
Protecting Maritime Ways and Cultural Practices

Respecting Our Heritage, Determining Our Future
Gaviota Coast Study Group
Report and Recommendations

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