The Future of the Coast is Now


The Ocean and Coastal Policy Center at UCSB is engaging questions that speak to a central challenge of our time: 

How can we live sustainably and equitably on our coasts in the face of unprecedented environmental change?


big waves crushing on coast

Climate Change, Adaptation, and Coastal Resilience

Coastlines are facing incredible challenges, from sea level rise to collapsing marine ecosystems and pervasive plastic pollution. The Ocean and Coastal Policy Center is researching adaptation planning, governance and resilience along California's coast.

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Save the coast rally

Environmental Justice and Protection of the Public Trust

The challenge of protecting shoreline access continues, from sea level rise and beach loss to gentrification in the coastal zone. OCPC is exploring how the public tideland trust doctrine may help us realize the vision of access for all.

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Coast of Chile, ,Punta de Los Lobos

Global Coastal Conservation Exchange — Chile and California

Dr. Lester and the OCPC are participants in the Chile California Conservation Exchange—an effort to share knowledge and experience about coastal conservation across hemispheres and geographies with amazing similarities and striking differences.

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